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Wine: Trivia Quiz Answers

1. What does it mean when a bottle of wine is hot?

1) It is endorsed by hot celebrities
2) It has high alcohol content
3) It has been stored in a humd Wine cellar
4) It’s stolen, as Wine can cost a fortune

Answer: 2) It has high alcohol content.

Wine being “hot” or having “heat” on the finish refers to a perception of excessive alcohol. It has something to do with the balance of a wine, and the relationship of alcohol to other elements, like flavor, tannins and body.


2. Where did the first wine come from?

1) Champagne in Northern France
2) Tuscany, Italy
3) Ancient Greece
4) Caucasus and Zagros Mountains

Answer: 4) Caucasus and Zagros Mountains

Wine is said to have originated in the Caucasus Mountains and the Zagros Mountains which contain the highest peaks of Europe. These mountain ranges span from Armenia through Azerbaijan, Georgia, northern Iran, southeastern Anatolia, and eastern Turkey.


3. How many grapes are needed to produce a bottle of wine?

1) 400 grapes
2) 1,000 grapes
3) 27 grapes
4) 100 grapes

Answer: 1) 400 grapes

Only 400 grapes are required to produce a bottle of wine.


4. How many wine grape varieties can be found in the world at the moment?

1) 1,290
2) About 2,000
3) More than 10,000
4) We lost count after tasting the 10th bottle

Answer: 3) More than 10, 000

There are more than 10, 000 varieties worldwide. 13 percent of these cover over 1/3 of the vineyard areas in the world.


5. What is the basic difference between red and white wine varieties?

1) The skins are left in the WIne during the process of fermentation
2) Red Wine requires longer aging
3) The alcohol content
4) Red Wine is more expesive

Answer: 1) The skins are left in the Wine during the process of fermentation

The biggest difference is how these are produced. Red grapes are darker with more pigment. White grapes are pressed and juice is fermented.


6. On average, which country consumes the most Wine per person?

1) France
2) Portugal
3) Vatican City
4) Italy

Answer: 2) Portugal

Portugal consumes 62 liters every year for a country of only 10 million people.


7. What is the most expensive bottle of wine today?

1. Chateau Margaux 1787
2. Chateau Lafite 1869
3. 1947 Cheval Blanc
4) 1945 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti

Answer: 4) 1945 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti

The most expensive is 1945 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti sold at US$558, 000 per bottle.


8. What country produces the most Wine in the world?

1) Italy
2) France
3) USA
4) China

Answer: 1) Italy

Italy remains the world’s largest wine producer, followed by France and Spain. These countries are also the world’s largest exporters, accounting for more than 50% of the global market by volume.


9. Why do winemakers put red wines in oak barrels for aging?

1) Other containers will spoil the Wine
2) Oak barrels enhance the Wine’s aging capacity
3) Oak barrels improve the Wine’s flavour
4) None of the above

Answer: 3) Oak barrels improve the wine’s flavor

Oak barrels contain tannins that improves the wine’s flavor.


10. Which American President constructed a wine cellar in the White House?

1) Donald Trump
2) Every US President
3) John Kennedy
4) Tomas Jefferson

Answer: 4) Tomas Jefferson

Tomas Jefferson had 20, 000 wine bottles in this wine cellar at the White House.


11. What does the Spanish word, Sangria mean?

1) Mild
2) Bleeding
3) Happiness
4) Nothing since it was just a last name

Answer: 2) Bleeding

Sangria means bloody or bloody which refers to the drink’s ruby hue when made with red wine.


12. “Wine Vintage” refers to what?

1) The year the grapes were harvested
2) the year the Wine was bottled
3) When the Wine should be consumed
4) When the Wine was released

Answer: 1) The year the grapes were harvested

A wine’s vintage can greatly affect the taste and quality, primarily because of the weather that affects the vines throughout the growing season.


13. Where is the oldest vineyard that still produces Wine in the North America?

1) Texas
2) Canada
3) Virginia
4) Mexico

Answer: 4) Mexico

The most important winery in Mexico is Casa Madero. It is the oldest winery in the New World, founded in 1597 as Hacienda San Lorenzo. This label includes a range of varietals, with its chardonnay, chenin blanc and Syrah winning awards. Its brandies are considered among the best in Mexico.


14. Which grape variety is the most widely-planted worldwide?

1) Cabernet Sauvignon
2) White Zinfandel
3) Chardonnay
4) Gryffindor

Answer: 1) Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely-planted variety globally. This is according to a study from the University of Adelaide recently.


15. An Italian wine label bears the term, “Riserva” which means:

1) Longer aging
2) High alcohol content
3) Reserved
4) Higher price

Answer: 1) Longer aging

This is an Italian word commonly used to describe wine which is longer aging.


16. How many bottles of Wine can be produced from just one Wine barrel?

1) 12
2) 3
3) 100
4) 300

Answer: 4) 300

Each barrel contains about 60 gallons, 25 cases or 300 750ml bottles


17. How many US states produce wine?

1) 30
2) 10
3) 50
4) 3

Answer: 3) 50

The answer is 50 with California producing roughly 89% and New Mexico being the oldest having started wine-making in 1628.


18. Which is said to be the “heartbreak grape?”

1) Viognier
2) Pinot Noir
3) Zinfandel
4) Any Wine consumed alone after midnight

Answer: 2) Pinot Noir

It is Pinot Noir which means fragile and thin-skinned.


19. Where can the oldest Wine bottle be found?

1) Catacombs of Paris
2) Pyramid museum in Egypt
3) At the Smithsonian
4) Museum in speyer, Germany

Answer: 4) Museum in Speyer, Germany

The oldest known unopened wine bottle is found in Speyer Museum, Germany. The bottle has been dated between 325 and 350 AD. Since its discovery, it has been exhibited at the Wine Museum section of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer.


20. When did Wine-making first begin?

1) 100 AD
2) It has always been here
3) 1775
4) 6000 BC

Answer: 4) 6000 BC

The oldest archaeological evidence of wine production from grapes was in Georgia in 6,000 B. C. Wine making and consumption significantly increased from the 15 th century on wards following the European expansion.


21. When was the first wine corkscrew designed?

1) 1960
2) Mid 1800’s
3) Approximately 1250 and it was made of bronze
4) When i was no longer polite to smash the top off the bottle

Answer: 2) Mid 1800’s

This was during the middle part of 1800s with the patent recorded at England by a certain Englishman, Samuel Henshall. He added a flat button of metal to the helix to make a firmer fit with the cork.


22. Which country in South America is the largest producer of wine?

1) Brazil
2) Peru
3) Argentina
4) Ecuador

Answer:  3) Argentina

It is Argentina which accounts for 45% of wine production in the continent.


23. What is the fear of Wine called?

1) Winophobia
2) Grapisintinosiophobia
3) Fear of Wine does not exist
4) Oenophobia

Answer: 4) Oenophobia

The origin of the word oeno is Greek (meaning wine) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear).


24. Chablis, a popular French wine is made from which grape variety

1) Pinot Blanc
2) Viognier
3) Chardonnay
4) Chenin Blanc

Answer: 3) Chardonnay

The answer is Chardonnay which is among the most popular French wines worldwide.


25. What did the phrase “drinking to your health” first mean?

1) To show it wasn’t poisoned
2) Wine was commonly used as medicine
3) If you drank enough all your problems went away
4) To wish guests good luck

Answer : 1) To show it wasn’t poisoned

This idiom has several meanings. However, when you said drinking to your health, it meant to prove the drink is safe and not poisonous.


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