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Vodka: Trivia Quiz Answers

1. From which two countries did vodka supposedly come from?

1) Poland and slovakia
2) Russia and Poland
3) Russia and the United States
4) China and Japan

Answer: 2) Russia and Poland

Vodka is made anywhere but originated from Eastern Europe specifically Russia in the 9th Century and Poland in the 8th Century. However, according to history books, Russia recorded vodka on paper in 1751 while Poland has a written record in the Sandomierz Court Registry in 1405. Vodka has always been associated with Russians and Poles.


2. What was the profession of the person who founded the top-selling vodka brand in the world?

1) Polish businessman
2) Russian peasant
3) Slovakian circus clown
4) Russian monk

Answer: 2) Russian peasant

Smirnoff, acknowledged as the top-selling brand of Vodka, was founded by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, an agricultural worker in Moscow. It is now owned and produced by a British company, Diageo.


3. How many styles of vodkas are there?

1) 12
2) 1
3) 8
4) 3

Answer: 4) Three

There are only three. These are the plain, flavored and fruit vodkas. Plain vodkas made from 95% alcohol are the most basic and unsophisticated of all alcoholic beverages.


4. The word, vodka comes from what particular language

1) Slavic
2) Polish
3) Russian
4) Norwegian

Answer: 1) Slavic

The word, vodka is a Slavic word which means “Voda” or an English form, water or “little water”.


5. What does the phrase, “Bathtub Vodka” mean?

1) Vodka is produced in a bathtub
2) The Vodka is very cheap
3) Vodka is produced i the black market
4) Watered down Vodka

Answer: 1) Vodka is produced in a bathtub

In certain countries, black-market or “bathtub” vodka is common since it can be easily made and the producer avoids taxation. However, acute poisoning, blindness, or even death can happen as a result of dangerous industrial ethanol substitutes used by black-market producers.


6. What would be the shelf life on a bottle of vodka that has been opened?

1) 12 months
2) 40 years
3) 10 years
4) Less than a year

Answer: 2) 40 years

An unopened vodka bottle will last forever. The vodka will taste exactly the same if opened on the day it was purchased, or 40 years later.


7. What country is the leading consumer of vodka today?

1) China
2) Poland
3) USA
4) Russia

Answer: 4) Russia

Russia as the leading consumer of vodka per capita in the world does not come as a surprise. Russia’s average monthly consumption per person in the country is estimated to be 17.28 shots.


8. How long does vodka’s aging process take?

1) Aging is not needed for Vodka
2) One year
3) 12 days
4) 6 weeks

Answer: 1) Aging is not needed for vodka

Vodka is normally not left to age. After the fermentation and distillation processes, vodka is produced and can be immediately bottled and sold in the market.


9. The most expensive vodka brand in the world is?

1) Absolut Vodka
2) Smirnoff Vodka
3) Zubrowka Vodka
4) Billionaire Vodka

Answer: 4) Billionaire Vodka

Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive. It has a shocking price of $3.7 million per bottle. Each bottle has five liters of exclusive vodka which was allegedly developed using a “secret” recipe from Russia. The bottle is said to be sprinkled with more than 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals creating the alphabet ‘I’ in the word Billionaire.


10. The vodka with the highest alcoholic content is:

1) Balkan Vodka
2) Spirytus Vodka
3) Nemiroff Vodka
4) Absolut Vodka

Answer: 2) Spirytus Vodka

The vodka with the highest alcoholic content is Spirytus Polish Vodka among all alcoholic drinks with 96%. Drinking too much of it can have drastic consequences.


11. In September, 1998. Teachers in what part of Russia were paid with bottles of vodka instead of money?

1) Siberia
2) Volga
3) This is not true
4) Can i get paid that way?

Answer: 1) Siberia

The answer is Siberia. Each teacher was given 15 bottles of vodka because the government there had no money for the teachers’ wages. There were around 8,000 teachers who received the vodka sa payment.


12. Aside from being colorless and odorless, what makes vodka exceptional?

1) It is the cheapest liquor
2) It is easy to produce
3) It is tasteless
4) Its taste never fades

Answer: 3) It is tasteless

Compared to other liquors, vodka has unique features of being tasteless, colorless and odorless.


13. Vodka has other uses aside from being an alcoholic beverage, which of the four below is its use?

1) Antiseptic
2) Skin Astringent
3) Marinade
4) Hair Grower

Answer: 2) Skin Astringent

Vodka also acts as natural skin astringent or toner because of its disinfectant properties. It can tighten your face skin or deep-clean the pores and treat acne.


14. What day is considered the birthday of Russian Vodka?

1) December 25
2) January 1st
3) 12 noon daily
4) January 31

Answer: 4) January 31

January 31 is the correct answer. Vodka has already been a favored import. However, on January 31, 1865, Chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev was able to defend his thesis, “On Combining Water and Alcohol,” which seems more like a supplementary activity than a doctoral treatise, but it gave rise to the 40% of alcohol content that turned out to be the state standard for vodka production because of Mendeleev’s calculations.


15. Which two types of alcohol are used to make Sex on the Beach?

1) Vodka and Gin
2) Vodka and Peach Schnapps
3) Vodka and Tequila
4) Tequila and Scotch Whisky

Answer: 2)  Vodka and Peach Schnapps

A Sex on the Beach is an alcoholic cocktail containig vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. This is an International Bartenders Association Official Cocktail. The cocktail is usually consumed during summer months.


16. What is considered Vodka’s valuable contribution to the Russian nation?

1) Added Revenues
2) Claim to Fame
3) High alcohol tolerance
4) Autocratic Governance

Answer: 4) Autocratic Governance

Vodka is said to be responsible for Russia’s history of autocratic governance. This was the argument of Mark Lawrence Schrad in his book Vodka PoliticsSchrad claimed that many Russian rulers have used vodka to drink their close cadres into connivance – and tax their subjects into suppression.


17. The term, “Vodka Belt” alludes to?

1) Geographical Region
2) A row of bottles of Vodka
3) Style of drinking
4) Russian dessert

Answer: 1) Geographical Region

Vodka Belt is a geographical region similar to an exclusive society that comprises the core of the vodka-producing countries. It includes Russia and much of Eastern Europe until Scandinavia at the Western end


18. Vodka is flavorless. Why did this happen?

1) It was purely accidental
2) Potatoes have no flavour when fermented
3) It has intentional
4) It has flavour, but the strong alcohol kills our taste buds

Answer: 3) It is intentional

Vodka’s “flavorless” quality is perfect to mix with almost anything. But the fact that this quality is essentially purposeful is one thing many people are not aware about vodka. The Coffey or column still system keeps the alcohol continuously moving removing its impurities. Most vodka is distilled at least three times and then charcoal-filtered.


19. What is added to vodka after the dilution process?

1) Sugar
2) A small amount of white Vinegar
3) Nothing
4) Water

Answer: 4) Water

Alcohol is produced by distilling fermented mash and grain (wheat, barley, rye, corn), sugar beet molasses, potatoes, or any other raw material of agricultural origin. Vodka, with 96% alcohol, is then diluted to between 35 and 50% by adding spring water.


20. A study showed that what percent of Russian males died prematurely by drinking Vodka?

1) Less than 1%
2) 25%
3) 50%
4) Vodka makes you live longer

Answer: 3) 50%

According to the Russian Cancer Research Centre in Moscow, a study of more than 150,000 people found extraordinarily high premature death rates among male Russians. Some of them were reported to be drinking three or more bottles a week of vodka.


21. What was first introduced as mixer for vodka?

1) Sprite
2) Coca-Cola
3) Water
4) Lime

Answer: 1) Sprite

Sprite is a colorless and caffeine-free, lime-flavored soda beverage (soft drink) was first used as mixer for vodka and also whisky.


22. Who was the Russian president who got drunk before the afternoon due to drinking too much vodka?

1) Joseph Stalin
2) Vladimir Putin
3) All of them
4) Boris Yeltsin

Answer: 4) Boris Yeltsin

While Boris Yeltsin was president, he frequently handled his mood swings by drinking a lot of vodka. It was reported that President Bill Clinton of the USA called Yeltsin only in the morning since he could be intoxicated in the afternoon.


23. Who was the motion picture hero who hurtled “Vodka Martini” to instant celebrity fame?

1) Dean Martin
2) James Bond
3) Lawrence Welk
4) Humphry Bogart

Answer: 2) James Bond

Vodka got a boost from Agent 007 (James Bond) with the “vodka martini, shaken not stirred” in the 1960s.


24. Which of the countries below is not included in the Vodka Belt?

1) Russia
2) Finland
3) Armenia
4) Ukraine

Answer:  3) Armenia

The Vodka Belt of Central and Eastern Europe is made up of Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Armenia is not included.


25. Who is the American celebrity who said the secret to long life is the power of positivity along with hotdogs and VODKA?

1) Kirk Douglas
2) Betty White
3) Mel Brooks
4) Mae West

Answer: 2) Betty White

Betty White, American actress and comedian, said this in one of her interviews. Betty is 97 years old.


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